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By | February 18, 2017

PAN card is an essential document which is required for every financial transaction more than 50,000Rs. It is essential to know your pan jurisdiction because sometimes you have to meet your jurisdictional assessing officer which directly link with your PAN card number. Every PAN card number has its own particular jurisdiction which allows holders to take tax decisions as well as to make judgments about it.

What is PAN Card Jurisdiction?

An individual who has a jurisdiction is known Accessing Officer (AO), he has all the authority to take decisions for the tax under the act. On the basis of the volume of income of Indian citizens, the Central Board of Direct Taxes allocated different categories of officers like deputy commissioner, assistant commissioner, joint commissioner, deputy commissioner, etc. You cannot know your jurisdiction PAN code in your permanent account card numbers because Accessing Officers may change according to their pay scales. In that case, we have to find out our jurisdiction accessing officer’s details in the database which are stored in the database of Income tax department.

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Know Your Jurisdiction

Know Your Jurisdiction

Important websites Links To Know Your PAN Card Jurisdiction:



How to Know your Jurisdiction

Now, there is no need to go to the Income Tax Department’s Official department because all the necessary information is available on government websites. Now, it is very easy to know PAN jurisdiction details if you have your PAN card account number. Here, you can check the process of knowing your Jurisdiction of PAN. To know your jurisdiction, follow these steps:

  1. Click on link, here you will find five options i.e Home, I Am, Servies, Downloads, News, and updates.
  2. Fill the given box with all the mandatory information like User ID, Password, Captcha code and then to the login button.
  3. One new window will open on your screen
  4. Then, click on services and click on Know your PAN Jurisdiction
  5. Fill all the important information in the given form as soon as possible because after 15 minutes session will expire automatically. In that case, you have to reload the page and again star with a new session.
  6. With the help of the link that is mentioned above, you can also know your jurisdiction income tax only you need to enter your PAN card Number.
  7. PAN card holders can also know your tan jurisdiction as all the importations regarding PAN card is easily available on the online website of Indian Government.

Process to change your Jurisdiction:

It is very easy to change your jurisdiction online. Here, we mentioned following steps through which you can change your Jurisdiction.

First of all, fill six copies of application form and post it to Accessing Officer, and CIT
According to the rules of Income Tax Department Act which was designed in 1961

After receiving your file, the tax department will allocate new AO officer. But, the refund process is done by Central Processing Centre (CPC)

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