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Mistakes to be avoided while applying for PAN card

Identity proof document is most requisite documents that are required in every step of life to show individuality in the crowd. There are many documents which serve as identity proof and are the authorised evidence for an individual own identity. PAN card, Aadhar card, Passport, Voter Id etc are the necessary document which plays an… Read More »

What is PAN, TAN and TIN?

It is very confusing to remember the meaning of all the Income Tax related terms which sounds similar but having different meanings and purposes. There are many complicated terms which strike with us while file tax. PAN, TAN, and TIN are the most common terms which are used in income tax department. Here we describe… Read More »

Know Your Jurisdiction

PAN card is an essential document which is required for every financial transaction more than 50,000Rs. It is essential to know your pan jurisdiction because sometimes you have to meet your jurisdictional assessing officer which directly link with your PAN card number. Every PAN card number has its own particular jurisdiction which allows holders to… Read More »

How to Change Signature in PAN Card

Hi! Are you also confused and looking for a procedure to change your pan card signature. Then you are on the right place. In this article I have provided all the guidelines as how you have to proceed and how you can change signature on your pan card. The corrections in the Pan card can… Read More »

How to Download PAN Card Correction Form [UTI / NSDL]

PAN card is a crucial record for Indian natives. However, in many cases you may locate some off base subtle elements added to it. Likely, you incorrectly spelled your name or address. You may have changed your name. In such situation, it is fundamental to change the points of interest on the PAN card or… Read More »